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Our most commonly asked question is "What is best to start with?".
The short answer is there is no short answer! That's why we're here to help!
Our FAQ's and Class Descriptions are a great start but we would love
to help you find the perfect beginning to YOUR journey!

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How Covid-19 has changed our studio:

As our class sizes are dramatically impacted by social distancing and sanitation procedures, we ask that you are extremely diligent about your registrations and attendance. Please see our FAQs for more "need to know" information.

Always act in the best interest of yourself and those you love and/or live with.


If you’re completely new to aerial classes on a solid apparatus, this is a fantastic place to start your journey! Participants will learn basic fundamental moves on how to gracefully enter the cube and safely exit. Poses include sleeping beauty, seal, floating plank, as well as some inverted moves such as the lotus hang and assisted single knee hang. WEAR/BRING: We suggest participants wear fitted pants, leggings, capris or tights (although anything on the bottom will do); tank tops or t-shirts are great! *Please remove (or tape) any rings, bracelets or watches as these items could damage the surface of the cube.*  The aerial cube can get slippery if you have used lotion right before class – so we suggest coming with lotion free hands. Also plan to bring a notebook and water bottle to every class.

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Pole is a great foundation for aerial arts because it incorporates whole body strength and uses leverage to maximize it. It is a very versatile art as well as a discipline of strength and it is adaptable to your own style. Not fully aerial, pole offers the stability of the ground for those who need some time to get comfortable with the idea of leaving the ground. Regular workout clothing is suitable for pole. Tank tops and shorts are best with a warm up layer over top. At a minimum you will need to be able to use the skin on your calves and the back of your knees at the start.

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Sling (Hammock)

Aerial Hammock/Sling is accessible for beginners to achieve beautiful and impressive poses, wraps and tricks. It is a beautiful and unique art and can also be a great pre-cursor to Aerial Silks for those that want to start off more gently towards that goal. In Aerial Sling/Hammock the fabric provides support as you build strength. A sleeved top is necessary for aerial sling, just enough to ensure armpit coverage. Most find leggings more comfortable than shorter options but they are not required. Loose fitting clothing will twist and move in the fabric so it is not recommended!

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The Aerial Hoop (also known as the Lyra, Aerial Ring or Cerceaux) is an amazing traditional circus apparatus. It is also a challenging workout that teaches you grace, strength and power as you pose, flip, hang and dance suspended in the in the air. While hoop does use whole body strength, it is primarily focused on upper body strength. If you don't feel you have enough, you will build it and have a lot of fun along the way! A fitted, sleeved top and leggings are recommended for hoop. Legwarmers and/or shorts may be layered over top for some additional comfort. Loose fitting clothing will twist and move on the hoop and is not recommended!

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Grace and power combined! Silks, also called Fabric or Tissue, are two long lengths of fabric (tails) attached in the middle to the ceiling. Developing of strength, flexibility and artistry will get you floating on air while toning the entire body. Sticking close to the ground in level 1you will learn basics including knots, foot locks, climbing along with transitions and poses. A sleeved top is necessary for aerial silks, just enough to ensure armpit coverage. Most find leggings more comfortable than shorter options but they are not required. Loose fitting clothing will twist and move in the fabric so it is not recommended!

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With Aerial Rope you have the opportunity to learn so many amazing shapes while experience the joy of expressing yourself as you create sequences and combos . We recommend participants be at an Intermediate fitness level prior to enrolling in this program as it is physically challenging and not meant for absolute beginners. To help guide participants, the following strength guidelines are suggested for enrollment in Aerial Rope: able to hold their body weight in a pull-up position for a minimum of 4 counts; complete a pull-up and execute 20 consecutive push-ups. Participants are asked to invest in their own set of ankle braces to bring to every class as a mandatory piece of equipment (available at most drug stores). These will provide skin protection which is important when first training on this apparatus.

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Hammock Restorative Stretch

A yoga stretch class that includes the hammock in a variety of safe partially grounded and hammock supported poses to relax and care for the mind and body. Inverts are optional. Sleeves are required. No jewelry may be worn on the hammock

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Skills, Tricks & Tips

You will continue to work on skills you previously learned, and will have the guidance of an instructor on ways to improve and master moves suited to your level. In this class you will receive tips for your individual needs (including conditioning tips), which will help you reach success in a safe and effective manner! So if you’re looking for a good review because you’ve been away, or just need more time to really focus on your skills, this is the class for you.

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Get your body groovin' and come sweat it out with some #playfulmovement at ClubMynx.

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Floor & Base Work

Learn low flow sequences around, and using the bottom 1/3 of the pole. Your instructor will guide you step by step through spins, transitions, and legwork drizzled with edge work and dripping with detail. Focus will be on fluidity, control, and play. Heels encouraged.

Each class will be focused on either a trick or small combo: bite-sized chunks of movement to add to your dance toolbox for future use.

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Craving a good shimmer session? That oh so amazing feeling of strengthening your entire body and getting your glow on too. Join us for Barre! Small isolated movements, lifts, tucks, pulses and then SHINE from the inside out. This class is for every body, and any body! WEAR/BRING: If you plan on joining us for Barre on a regular basis (and we hope you do!) we recommend investing in a pair of grip-socks which help in preventing your feet from slipping while in barre position.

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Barre Lite

Same beautiful Barre class but less intense, with a longer full body stretch and renew. For those that want to become stronger inside and out, and feel good along the way. This class is perfect for anyone new to Barre or just starting a new movement routine. It’s also a great compliment for anyone taking regular Barre as a second class each week. All levels welcomed.

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Stretching for Splits

In this Splits / Flexy Stretch class you will be lead through a full body stretch, with a focus on splits training variations. This class is perfect for participants who are wanting to feel free, agile and vibrant. Also, great for participants looking to re-train and increase their flexibility, work on their splits, and increase their range of motion. All levels including absolute beginners are welcome!

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Upper Body Flexibility Training & Tips


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Core Quickie

A strong core is essential for anyone in the aerial arts and pole. This 45 minute core intensive class is a great cross training option for participants interested in improving their core strength while taking other skill development classes. The focus of this class will be on working your upper, middle, and lower abs as well as your obliques and back. Wear comfortable fitness clothing and get ready to work!

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