Meet Our Team

The Mynx Crew & Partners!


Jenna has been a participate of Club Mynx since 2012 and joined the instructing team in 2016.  Having danced for 20 years; Jenna was introduced to the silks as  a form of activity to help with physical and mental health while still being creative.  She is now an instructor for silks, rope, and hammock with her main love and focus on the silks and silk combos.  Jenna spends her days in a lab as a radiochemist and is true geek at heart!  In her free time she loves to do outside activities with her dog, collect house plants, and curl up with a puzzle!  Teaching and preforming aerials with Club Mynx brings so much joy into her life, and she loves to share that passion with others!!


Carli knew a typical gym wasn't for her. She wanted a unique and artistic hobby that would motivate her daily to achieve her fitness goals. She found that and more at ClubMynx. Part of the ClubMynx family for years now, Carli transitioned from student to instructor. With a background in Irish dance, she now loves to spend her evenings in the ceiling; never forgetting to point her toes. Drawn to dark, dramatic and artistic expressions, Carli loves to choreograph movement to music. When she's not climbing she expresses herself through photography and film. Run Wolf, Run is a psychological thriller she wrote and directed. She will see you all soon in the air!


I've been teaching hoop at ClubMynx for 5 years. All my time spent on the playground monkey bars as a kid allowed the movements of hoop to feel very familiar and I fell in love instantly.

The diversity of hoop and the many ways to utilize the hoop to create simple, yet breath taking poses has kept me interested and coming back to hoop time and time again. The ability to express myself in healthy and creative ways continues to be at the core of my mental health management, teaching at ClubMynx has given me so much more than just a space to “work out”.

I’ve dabbled in teaching a wide variety of other apparatus and styles of classes. The diversity of classes at ClubMynx is such a blessing when I’m feeling in a rut physically and the ability to drop in or take classes virtually easily caters to my busy life.

I completed an Anatomy and Cell Biology degree at the U of S and continued on to pursue my love of health care by becoming a Primary Care Paramedic in 2016. In my free time, I love being in the kitchen making the house smell delicious, spending time joking around or being lovingly harassed by my boyfriend, or getting my hands dirty digging in my garden with our dog, Odie. I love to keep myself busy and always seem to have a new project on the go or new education I’m getting excited about.


Victoria was first introduced to Club Mynx through an introductory pole class. Although it may surprise some today, Victoria actually did not like pole dancing when she first started. The sexy heels and hair tossing wasn’t her thing, but when she eventually discovered the athletic side of pole, she fell in love. Fast forward a few years into the future and Victoria became an SPRA certified fitness instructor and began teaching at Club Mynx. Her specialty areas include dynamic tricks, flips, and strength based moves. Victoria teaches the advanced and master level pole classes as well as conditioning, barre, abs, and flexibility. She is dedicated to breaking down negative stereo types surrounding pole fitness and promoting it as a legitimate sport. Victoria loves sharing her passion for pole and fitness with her students and promoting an inclusive environment where everyone can learn and grow.


Hi! I'm Michelle! I am the proud mama of a handsome little man named Alex, and a giant puppy named Abby.

I have been an aerial instructor at ClubMynx since September 2017. I teach various aerial hoop, hammock/sling and cube classes. I started my aerial journey back in 2014 after taking a pole class with a friend. After that I was hooked and soon fell in love with all things aerial. I have dabbled in all of the aerial apparatuses that Mynx has to offer,  yet always come back to hammock/sling and hoop. They definitely stole my heart. I love creating combos and watching participants fly through the air.

I can't wait to see you in class!


I first came to Clubmynx in 2013 when a friend asked me to take an Aerial Hoop class with her. Not knowing what Aerial Hoop was, I agreed to taking the class with her as I enjoy non conventional forms of exercise over the traditional gym. I quickly found a new passion for Aerial Hoop. Soon after I found my way over to the Pole studio, along with trying out most of Clubmynx's aerial apparatuses. My main focus settled on Aerial Hoop and Pole. I have had the pleasure to perform in our student showcases a number of times on both Aerial Hoop and Pole over the years. At the end of 2018 I was given the opportunity to transition over to the Clubmynx crew, teaching Aerial Hoop classes. I enjoy teaching and seeing our participants grow, learn and build friendships at our studio. I look forward to seeing you around Clubmynx!


Rebecca started teaching pole fitness at Clubmynx around 4 years ago. She fell in love with pole after her very first class! She loves to explore the sensual side of pole dancing and gets inspired by listening to different genres of music.

Aside from teaching, Rebecca works full time as a Sales Engineer and as a baby boy named Oliver. She was a competitive dancer as a teenager and loves being active. She gets joy from watching her students feel comfortable in their own bodies and hopes to help everyone become more confident after taking her classes.


Hi my name is Andrea Gilewicz and I like to eat! Fitness and people are huge passions of mine and I have had the pleasure of meeting many amazing and powerful humans while teaching at ClubMynx over the years. I love to lift heavy things, teach Barre fitness classes and eat delicious food. I can’t wait to see you in the Barre studio.


Hey Mynx friends! My name is Davlynn and I currently teach aerial hammock at Clubmynx! I started at Clubmynx in a hammock class and then tried a silks class and was completely hooked! After some silks classes I came back to hammock, and now I love to practice both silks and hammock. My favorite thing is to learn moves that can be performed on both of these apparatuses!

I'm currently a vetmed student at the UofS, but I spend most of my free time at the studio.

My background is in gymnastics as I am a former rhythmic gymnast and introductory gymnastics coach. I found aerial arts after retiring from my gymnastics career and aerials allowed me to continue to develop my strength and flexibility while giving me an outlet for creative movement (not to mention its exercise that is actually fun)!

If you're hesitant to try aerials because of a perceived 'lack of strength', don't be! I couldn't do a SINGLE pull-up when I started aerials, but you develop strength quickly the more you're in the air! You'll also have tons of fun while you get stronger!

I look forward to seeing you all around the studio.