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Welcome to Aerial Silks! In this level participants will learn fundamental skills such as climbing, single and double foot locks from the floor and aerial, double hand locks, the straddle back invert, flamingo, plus many more amazing moves! Participants will also explore sequencing which will have you flowing from one movement to the next. WEAR/BRING: We suggest participants wear fitted pants or leggings, tank tops or t-shirts are great! *Please remove (or tape) any jewelry, hair clips/bobby pins, and avoid wearing anything with zippers or snaps as these items could damage or snag the fabric.* The silks can get slippery if you have used lotion right before class – so we suggest coming with lotion free hands. Also plan to bring a notebook and water bottle to every class. 


​​Welcome to Aerial Silks Intermediate Level 1 & 2! This class is a combined class of skills from Intermediate Level 1 and 2 and focuses on introducing participants to new skills and advanced variations of aerial silks moves. Participants must have completed Beginner Level before enrolling in this class. 


​This class is focused on advanced variations and drops such as s-wraps, salto's, slack drops and split levers from moves taught in previous silks levels. Before registering participants should have built up substantial endurance in Intermediate Level 2 Silks in order to be able to hold their body weight during advanced wraps and tricks.


In this class participants will have an opportunity to continue to practice skills previously learned in our skill development classes with the guidance of a Instructor who can provide extra tips and conditioning suggestions for move mastery. Each session will also include an element of new learning, so be prepared for some new skills and variations to add to your aerial silks repertoire. Note: Participants must have completed a minimum of Beginner Level Aerial Silks.


Want to advance to the next level of silks, but maybe you don't feel you have the strength or endurance to do so? Or maybe you are wanting to increase your arsenal of beautiful aerial poses, neat climbs, and awesome combos? Then this class is perfect for you! Throughout Intermediate Combos we will be focusing on a variety of poses, climbs and combos. (You hear us talking about optional moves often, this is what we are focusing on!) Classes will introduce participants to the art of creating their own combinations on the silks. There will also be a significant component of core and upper body conditioning aimed at helping participants increase strength and endurance necessary to prepare for higher level classes. Pre-requisite: Participants must have completed and be comfortable with all Beginner Aerial Silks skills prior to registering for this class.



If you're looking to up your Aerial Silks game, this class is for you! Participants will learn a variety of new entries, poses, transitions and combos! Please note: participants must have previously taken Beginner Aerial Silks prior to registering.

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