Each enrollment class permits a limited number of participants, and often classes fill up months in advance. Once a class has completely filled up, we begin to turn interested participants away or assign them to a class waiting list.


If after registering and holding a spot, you decide to cancel your registration, the following cancellation policy will apply: To receive a full refund or credit we require participants give us notice of the cancellation at least 2 weeks in advance of the posted class start date. If 2 weeks notice is not provided, neither a refund nor a credit will be provided.


If you are unable to attend all of your pre-scheduled classes in a 6-week session, you are permitted to make up for up to 2 missed classes that session, by attending a drop-in class within the same 6-week session, or by attending an open practice time in that same session. Please note: Participants are not permitted to make up for more than 2 missed classes per session, and all make-up classes must be made within the same session, and cannot be carried forward.

To schedule a make up class:

Step 1: Please email and let us know which class you missed or will be missing (please specify the date and time of the missed class).

Step 2: Please indicate which class you would like to attend, or which practice date, as the make up for your missed class. Choose from any of the classes on the schedule with *DP (DROP-INS WELCOME) Please note: The value of the make-up class must be equal to or less than the value of the missed class. (Ex. If you are enrolled in Barre, you will be permitted to drop-in to any other Barre or fitness class of equivalent value). 

Step 3: We will respond to your email with a confirmation of permission to drop in, and we will also record this information on our make-up class list so that the Instructor of the class you are attending will know not to charge you a drop-in fee. Should you have any questions about these guidelines please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you!





If you’ve been training at another facility and are wanting to take classes at ClubMynx – first off welcome to our studio! As you’re likely aware, every studio operates a little differently, and at ClubMynx most of our programs are progressive. Participants start at a beginner level and every class they build upon the skills they previously learned in our curriculum. Intermediate and advanced levels are built upon the premise that participants already have the necessary foundation of skills to safely advance to more dynamic and intense training.

If you are hoping to integrate into a ClubMynx program at a non-beginner level, you must first book a private 30-Min Skill Assessment. During this Skill Assessment an instructor will meet with you to determine where you are at skill wise, and provide a recommendation on which level/stage you are best suited for a safe integration at ClubMynx. 


THIS APPROVAL PROCESS MUST TAKE PLACE FOR SAFETY AND LIABILITY REASONS BEFORE YOU ARE PERMITTED TO REGISTER IN ANY OF OUR NON-BEGINNER CLASSES. Participants who attempt to by-pass this step will be asked to discontinue in their enrollment classes if they are found to have not had their skills assessed prior to registering. To inquire on booking a Skill Assessment please email

Refund Policy

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