​INTRO TO POLE (Drop-ins welcome)

Drop-in or sign up for the full 6-week session and learn some pole dancing basics! In this class you will learn the fundamentals of pole fitness which include basic spins, transitions, terminology, and floorwork. This class is for those who have not tried pole before or those who need a refresher. No experience required! WEAR/BRING: For this level we recommend participants wear what they feel most comfortable dancing in. Stretchy pants, shorts or leggings on the bottom are great, and a tank or t-shirt on top is perfect! No special footwear is required, we dance in bare feet. We also recommend bringing a personal yoga mat, notebook, hand towel and water bottle to all classes.


Beginner Pole is for participants who have already taken a full session of the INTRO TO POLE class (or have dropped-in to INTRO TO POLE at least a few times) and already feel comfortable with walks, turns, and entry level pole spins. In Beginner Pole you will take your pole learning to the next level with intermediate spins, sitting on the pole, learning the basic invert, and lots of other fun floorwork plus more. In this level of class you will be learning all of the foundation building skills. Not only will you have a great time, but you will also have an amazing cardio and strength workout too. WEAR/BRING: Participants are encouraged to bring shorter-shorts to all of the classes for when you are learning to sit on the pole. Note: It is recommended that participants repeat Beginner Pole several times until they feel comfortable with going upside down, sitting on the pole, and all of the spins. Instructors will provide guidance and recommendations for advancement to the next level.


Ready to turn things up a notch with a variety of new dynamic spins, climbing and aerial moves? Welcome to Intermediate Pole! Bring out your heels and get ready to learn a variety of new skills every 6-week session. Note: We recommend participants remain at this level and repeat this 6-week class several times before progressing. Instructors will provide guidance and recommendations for advancement to the next level.


Congratulations on progressing to Advanced Pole! In this level of programming you’re going to be introduced to a variety of new advanced level inversions and pole skills. Each session the curriculum for this class will flex based on participants needs and interests, and a variety of skills will be featured each session. This level is perfect for participants who are building a foundation for a long journey in advanced poling. 

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