If you’re completely new to aerial classes on a solid apparatus, this is a fantastic place to start your journey! Participants will learn basic fundamental moves on how to gracefully enter the cube and safely exit. Poses include sleeping beauty, seal, floating plank, as well as some inverted moves such as the lotus hang and assisted single knee hang. WEAR/BRING: We suggest participants wear fitted pants, leggings, capris or tights (although anything on the bottom will do); tank tops or t-shirts are great! *Please remove (or tape) any rings, bracelets or watches as these items could damage the surface of the cube.*  The aerial cube can get slippery if you have used lotion right before class – so we suggest coming with lotion free hands. Also plan to bring a notebook and water bottle to every class. 


Intermediate Cube allows you to progress toward working on both the side and top bars of the aerial cube. Learn the tuck mount, seal and straddle bridge, new mounts, poses and transitions. During this class, you will learn the fundamentals of working on a spinning cube which adds a dynamic aspect to any combo or sequence. Participants must have completed Aerial Cube for Beginners at least once, and feel comfortable completing all moves with control before progressing. 

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