By purchasing a CLUB MEMBERSHIP, I agree to assume all liability risk associated with participating in open practice times, Club events and Club Jams, public performance opportunities and any other Club activity. I acknowledge that the majority of opportunities available through the Club will be uninstructed and unsupervised, and I agree to participate in a safe and responsible manner at all times. I release and hold harmless ClubMynx Fitness Inc., its independent fitness and dance Instructors, club facilitators, agents and any affiliate companies from any liability with respect to losses or injury of any nature to myself and my property that could arise out of or be connected with Club participation.

I also agree to abide by the following studio rules and regulations:

1. If I am not a qualified and trained ClubMynx Instructor who possess valid liability insurance, I will refrain from attempting to teach any skills (transitions, inverts, aerial poses etc.) to any other Club Members during Club activities, events or open practice times (regardless of whether or not the skill is in the current ClubMynx curriculum or not)

2. If I chose to meet with a Club Member outside of an organized Club open practice time or event, I assume any and all risk associated with unqualified and uninsured instruction/demonstration taking place

3. I agree to follow all ClubMynx safety standards in place including:

a.) During uninstructed open practice times, I will practice moves that I have previously been taught within the ClubMynx curriculum, and agree to not attempt any moves that I am not completely comfortable with or that could be potentially dangerous to myself or others

b.) I will use safety mats, and proper spotting protocol while practicing inverts and any aerial skills to ensure safety at all times

c.) If attempting moves that I have not been formally taught within the ClubMynx curriculum, I assume any and all risk associated with potential injury

Failure to respect and abide by the policies stated above will result in the cancellation of your Club Membership immediately and without warning.

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