Curous about Aerial Rope? It's no an AWESOME WAY! Similar to fabric, the rope moves and molds to your body. It is singular and thicker, so there is even more strength required than other apparatuses. But don’t be intimidated, as the effort is very much worth the rewards!

In this Intro Aerial Rope class you will have the opportunity to learn many amazing transitions and poses and also experience the joy of expressing yourself as you combine moves into sequences and combos throughout your journey. We recommend participants who are new to this class be at an Intermediate fitness level prior to enrolling as this program is physically challenging and not meant for absolute beginner fitness levels. To help guide participants to the appropriate program, the following strength guidelines are suggested for enrollment in Aerial Rope. Participants should be able to complete a minimum of 2 pull-ups in a row, hold their body weight in a pull-up position for a minimum of 4 counts, and complete 20 consecutive push-ups. 

WEAR/BRING: Aerial Rope participants are asked to invest in their own set of ankle braces that they can bring to every class as a mandatory piece of equipment (ankle braces are available at most drug stores or Walmart). These will provide skin protection from rope burns on feet, which can be common when first training on this apparatus.

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