LOW FLOW HOOP (Drop-ins permitted)

With the hoops lowered down much closer to the ground, this class is a fantastic way for all strength levels to explore a unique type of movement in the Aerial Hoop – no mounting required! This class is not only the perfect way for an absolute beginner to explore if Hoop is the apparatus for them, but it welcomes all levels as we introduce participants to many different aerial poses inside/above the hoop and new choreography each class. Regardless of strength or experience level, Low Flow Hoop will help build conditioning and confidence in a hoop through movement and aerial dance. Enroll in all six classes, or when space is available drop-in's will be permitted! No aerial experience required.



Challenge yourself by breaking down and learning the foundational skills on the hoop/lyra up in the air, including how to mount into and out of the hoop - such as side straddle mount and tuck mount. You will be introduced to beautiful classic poses and work on perfecting simple transitions, as well as be taught conditioning exercises on and off the Hoop to begin building your skills as an aerialist. WEAR/BRING: We suggest participants wear pants that are well fitted and protect the back of the knee (ex/ leggings or fitted yoga pants)... no bare legs please! Ouch. Wear what is comfortable, but keep in mind loose clothing can get caught on the hoop while moving through poses. Bare feet or thin/barre socks are perfect, and we ask that you please remove or tape any jewelry before class.


Ready to expand your skills and aerial dance on the hoop/lyra? You're strength and flexibility will be challenged with new and interesting poses, transitions, and rolls to build on the knowledge and skills gained in Beginner Hoop. Repeating intermediate hoop is highly encouraged to help develop core skills and confidence, but with an expanded class curriculum and lots of new poses/transitions to learn - never expect each session to be the same as the last! Participants must have completed Beginner Hoop at least once and feel comfortable completing all moves in that level with control before progressing.


​Take your aerial Hoop abilities to the next level and get ready to learn some new advanced skills! Each session will review aspects of previous Advanced classes/workshops, as well as introduce you to new unique Advanced moves never taught at ClubMynx before. Participants must have completed Intermediate Level Hoop at least once, and feel comfortable completing majority of the skills in that level with control. Participants must be comfortable at the top of the hoop. Bringing leg warmers and wearing appropriate clothing to cover back/elbows is recommended.

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