If you’re completely new to aerial classes, this is a fantastic place to start! The hammock/sling supports your full body weight allowing you to build strength as you learn skills. This also give you the opportunity to have fun as a beginner without any crazy expectations - absolute beginners, all shapes and sizes are welcome!  Learn many new skills on the hammock such as mounting and dismounting, aerial poses such as the angel, side x, straddle back invert, swordfish, coffin (+ many more), plus transitions to help you flow from one pose to the next. WEAR/BRING: We recommend participants wear fitted pants, leggings or capris (although anything on the bottom will do); tank tops or t-shirts are great! *Please remove (or tape) any jewelry, hair clips/bobby pins, and avoid wearing anything with zippers or snaps as these items could damage or snag the fabric.*  The hammocks can get slippery if you have used lotion right before class – so we suggest coming with lotion free hands. Also plan to bring a notebook and water bottle to every class. 



Learn many new transitional moves such as the pull-over, twist to single leg hook and somersault, as well as lots of challenging and beautiful new aerial poses such as the hip lock, inverted plank, salto wraps, and iron T. Participants must have completed Aerial Hammock for Beginners at least once, and should feel comfortable completing all moves in that level with control before progressing.



​Learn more intricate transitions and poses including calf hangs, various types of splits, gazelle poses, and roll-ups.  Participants will also begin to explore drops on the hammock, including the angel drop. Participants must have completed Intermediate Level at least once, and feel comfortable with their pull-over mounts. Drops in the Advanced Level require the hammocks to be higher off the ground and the pull-over mount will be the entry point.

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