Barre Fitness

Want to transform your figure into a beautifully toned silhouette? The ClubMynx Barre Fitness program is a low impact, highly effective total body toning program that incorporates the use of ballet barres, free weights and balls to give you transformational results. Tighten your entire frame through high repetitions of lifts, pulses, squeezes and squats and get energized in our supportive atmosphere. If you’ve never taken Barre before, be prepared for a whole new level of challenge…in a fabulous way! We call this BarreHARD. It’s kind of in a league of it’s own. BUT results require effort. You can do it! We welcome participants’ ages 16+ in Barre Fitness classes.

What can you expect in class?
- An invigorating warm up to get the body heated and ready to work
- High repetitions of isolated movements aimed at transforming the entire body
- A well deserved cool down and stretch…ahhhh

Who should take this program? Everyone! No special skills are required, just be prepared to work as hard as you can and know in your heart that you deserve the body you have always wanted, and we will help you achieve it!

A Note on Safety: As with all classes offered at ClubMynx, please ensure our administration and instructor teams are aware of any health conditions before registering for a program or attending class. Modifications can be provided whenever necessary. Check with your health practitioner before commencing any exercise program.