Aerial Hoop

ClubMynx Aerial Hoop classes will introduce you to a wonderful world of aerial dancing where you will learn to express yourself in innovative and unique ways using the hoop (lyra) suspended in the air. Our Aerial Hoop programs focus on building strength, skill development, as well as artistry and flow, ensuring participant not only learn some amazingly beautiful skills, but also get to experience what it feels like to aerial dance on the hoop.

If you’re completely new to Aerial Hoop, it is important to understand that this aerial apparatus can be either your best friend, or your worst enemy, or both at the same time. Unlike fabric that can move and mold to your body, the hoop is a solid apparatus that can be very taxing on your body physically. But don’t be intimidated, as the effort is very much worth it! You will have the opportunity to learn many amazing transitions and poses through our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, and also experience the joy in expressing yourself as you combine moves into sequences and combos throughout your training journey.

We recommend participants who are new to this discipline, be at an intermediate fitness level prior to taking classes, as this is not meant for absolute beginner fitness levels. If you are at a beginner fitness level we recommend starting your aerial journey with Aerial Hammock (click for details), which is a fantastic program that will help you build up the strength to eventually progress to Aerial Hoop or Aerial Silks. We welcome participant’s ages 16+ in our Aerial Hoop classes.